Left Behind Games Hushes Heathens

ETERNAL%20FORCES.jpgLeft Behind Games has gone all Crusades on some bloggers, sending out boilerplate legal requests to remove "false and misleading" information about Left Behind: Eternal Forces from their websites. GamePolitics points out that Gameology, Daily Kos and Public Theologian have all received such letters, and their well-crafted responses seem put them on the side of least crazy. From Public Theologian:

The Left Behind folks, still reeling from their disastrous launch last year, are gearing up for the release of their expansion pack next month... As an offensive strategy, they are trying to intimidate the Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders in the blogosphere who led the charge against this awful game...Christians should not sit silently while corporate money-grubbers make a buck out of perverting the Christian faith. Nor should we sit silently when a game is marketed to children promoting religious violence while American soldiers are dying overseas in the middle of a religious and ethnic civil war.

This is exciting stuff. Our RSS generally avoids religion like locusts, but we're always up for a good freedom of speech/religion battle. Hit the jump for the full cheery letter from Left Behind Games, one we actually were sent seven, yes SEVEN copies of from the Left Behind folks.

RE: False information posted on your site about the video game LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces

To whom this may concern:

I represent Left Behind Games Inc., the developer and publisher of the LEFT BEHIND series of video games. Your organization hosts a website that has information posted about this game. Unfortunately, there are many statements on your website which appear to be false and misleading. This type of misinformation may cause significant and irreparable harm to Left Behind Video Games Inc. and must be removed.

Left Behind Games Inc. generally supports free speech in the media and understands how important it is to have various opinions presented for public consumption. It will not, however, tolerate the publication of information regarding its products that is false or misleading.

Left Behind Games Inc. is demanding that you immediately remove any and all information contained on your site about the above stated game that is false and/or misleading, including any such statements or commentary and the responses thereto. This includes posted comments made by others in the context of reading the incorrect or misleading statements.

If you do not comply immediately, the company will be forced to pursue additional legal action which will include claims for damages, costs of suit and attorney's fees. This may subject you and your organization to significant legal and financial damages.

Left Behind Games Gets Apocalyptic with Bloggers [gamepolitics]


    "Christians should not sit silently while corporate money-grubbers make a buck out of perverting the Christian faith."


    thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard

    Freedom of speech? Since when does that include spreading outright lies about the game? If this were, say, some other company and product, what would your reaction be? If it were a car company defending one of its vehicles from a widespread lie that when you sit in the driver's seat, a big metal spike rams itself into your back, would you be so quick to yell "Freedom of speech! Freedom of speech!"? I have never - NEVER - seen any proof of the claims of "convert of kill" in the game. No UNALTERED screenshots. No video of gameplay. No scans of the manual. Nothing. The burden of proof is upon those making the claim, but no one has ever stepped up to meet it.

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