Lesbo In Scrabble DS? You Ain’t Seen Nothing…

Lesbo In Scrabble DS? You Ain’t Seen Nothing…

collegehumor.df48f55a289b77707afa84bebe21d794.jpgOur own Luke Plunkett recently pointed out that the word “lesbo” is in the list of Scrabble DS suggested words, and elaborated that if he’d known that the Scrabble dictionary were so naughty, he’d have “played a lot more Scrabble”.

Well suffice it to say, I intend on playing a bit more Scrabble, too, based upon this update from a reader:

Hey, my wife was playing ds scrabble and it suggested the word CUNT…Just thought it was way funnier than Lesbo

Cunt is funnier than lesbo. It really, truly is.



  • My girlfriend plays this game a lot. Much to the chagrin of our sex life. Maybe if Scrabble keeps suggesting words of a lewd nature I might get some once in a while.

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