Levine Hasn't Forgotten about DLC

Ken_Levine_cares.jpg Since BioShock lacks multi-player, it's not exactly the type of game you expect downloadable content for. Yet, 2K Boston's Ken Levine hasn't given up on BioShock DLC by a damn sight. No siree! Here's what Levine has to say:

Diablo II, to me, was a great model for an expansion, because it enhanced the original game, but also extended the game, too. I'm not a really big fan of expanding things just by linearly adding to the experience, adding a new campaign, as much as I am of enhancing the original experience and adding replayability to that experience. I think that certainly BioShock's combat experience is great, but it could be broader. I'm a little more confused as far as how to expand the narrative experience.

No word on when this will happen, but it's nice to know he hasn't forgotten about DLC. Ken Levine, he's gaming's good guy! DLC Interview [1Up]


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