Life Words from Barefoot Keita Takahashi

takahashinutter.jpg Boy, that Keita Takahashi is plum nutty! At Nottingham's GameCity, the always delightful Alice introduced him for a keynote he gave. Barefoot. Here are the highlights:

It would be impossible for us to be here... if the world was not peaceful. If there was heavy fighting or pollution in the cities could we talk about videogames like this? If you're suffering from poverty and disease could you worry about collecting coins? I don't think so.


I don't know about the future but we will see more of the darker side of reality on the Earth. I'm not trying to be the next Al Gore but I'm not sure if we could afford to have videogames in ten or twenty year's time. I'm not saying that we don't need game events or games themselves, but in order to enjoy these events we should recycle rubbish... be friendly to your neighbors.

You are so trying to be the next Al Gore.

I might be being idealistic but I truly think so. Videogaming is good but it's also a luxury. You can't play videogames unless you are financially well off.

And go to a good school. Study ballet, too. Don't forget that! Continuing kooky quotes from Takahashi's word hole as the Nobi Nobi Boy publicity machine continues ramping up.

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