Live in Tokyo? Forget It.

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Cells

Tomorrow, gotta catch the bulletin train bound for Tokyo tomorrow. Again! In the last two months, I have been to Tokyo a total of something like five or six times. Tokyo is the country's capital and a lot is concentrated there work-wise. Sure, there is a lot in Kansai — there's just more in Tokyo. Thing is, I just don't want to live there. Like, at all. No offence to Tokyo or the fine people who inhabit the city. It is a truly great metropolitan city and has so much to offer. Saying that, living there would cause me to go mental. Forget that I prefer the food, the dialect and the people in Osaka, so much has happened to me here personally that I can't fathom living anywhere else in Japan or outside it. Even when I go to Kyoto or Kobe, both cities which closely neighbour Osaka, they feel like other planets. Tokyo's can be like another universe at times, especially how the people act and whatnot.

Osaka is the city where I fell in love, became a father and began my writing career. This is where I came of age, really. So much has happened here, and the city's been really good to me. I gotta be good to it. Can see why some people commute between Tokyo (for work) and Osaka (for home) every week, working in Tokyo Monda-Friday and returning to Kansai on the weekend. Selfish and silly of me maybe, and I'm sure it's not exactly cheap to put my arse on a bullet train to cover stuff. Though, I really appreciate that Gawker (as well as Wired Mag, among others) are willing to do that! Many things to be thankful for. Living where you want to is certainly one of those, isn't it?

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