Lost Planet PS3 Burns My Eyes, Their Blood Soothes

capazr.jpgTo be fair, Lost Planet for PS3 still has plenty of time before its TBA 2008 release date. But this mech looks just plain bad. Please Lost Planet, don't live up to that worse on the PS3 than it was on Xbox 360 stereotype. It's not too late to either change your ways or admit that the screenshot contains elements from an unannounced PSP version. Click the pic for a mega image.

UPDATE: Despite some disbelief, Capcom has confirmed this is a legit PS3 image. Here's the gallery from whence it came. Some images look better, some don't. UPDATE 2: Hit the jump for a side by side put together by a reader. Thanks Jospeh! -1.jpeg We thought Capcom said Lost Planet was coming to PS3, not PS2 [maxconsole]


    HAHAHAHAHA the ps3 fails again.

    HAHAHAHAHA lazy developers again.

    Ok i'm now understanding whats going on. The PS3 split memory pools mean that a 360 game that uses say 350mb for graphics/GPU, has a proper 720p image.

    With the PS3 you of course they can only have a max of 250mb for the GPU (unless you want to shunt stuff to the CPU's memory and risk overloading the bus).

    So they dial the graphics down to 480p.

    Look at those two images. One is clearly 480p.

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