Lure Potential Customers with Phoney Jubblies

hitozumadisplaysafeforwork.jpg With all those erotic PC games released in Japan, how's a company supposed to stand out? Hint: Make the game tangible. On the fifth floor of Akihabara Sofmap, married women title Married Women Harem ~This is the Married Women Paradise Inn~ does just that! Instead of just leaving a stack of fliers and info about pre-ordering, there is a display to entice costumers to pick up the game's literature. We've seen this before: Here, for example. That doesn't mean one still can't marvel at this game promotion wizardy! Embarrassing jubblies safely placed after the jump. 2007-10-21-405.jpg NSFW Hitozuma Game [Akiba Blog]


    There was no safety of the jump, there was no jump at all!

    My bad. All fixed now.

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