Madden NFL 08 Now "En Español"

luis_castillo.jpgElectronic Arts announced today that it will be releasing a Spanish language version of this year's Madden, titled Madden NFL 08 en Español, previously only rumoured. Not content to simply provide a multilingual textual interface, EA Sports and Tiburon are providing a Spanish-language broadcast voice by Alvaro Martin, play-by-play broadcaster for Monday Night Football. It even features a trio of Madden NFL 08 en Español exclusive tracks, "Los Que Luchamos" by Kinto Sol, "Blame Me" performed by Molotov and "Relax" by Mana.

Further driving the Latino appeal home is new cover athlete Luis Castillo of the San Diego Chargers, pictured prancing about above.

No information on whether perfect translations for Maddenisms like "Boom!", "Where'd that truck come from?!" or "That was a perfect pass" but we'll know for sure when Madden NFL 08 en Español ships to North and Latin America later this year on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360.

Alright, let's get that conversation going, folks.


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