Making Your Own Halo Costume

halo_2_kubrick.jpgThanks a lot, guys. Now Billie Edington over at MTV's Multiplayer thinks we all have some sort of odd body paint fetish. Remember last week when I posted about her quest to build a Halo 3 costume? Remember when nearly half of you suggested she go the body paint route? Well, Billie does.

Fortunately, she ignored you and instead came up with a plan. The first step involved hollowing out a Special Edition Halo Helmet. Something, incidentally, one of our readers emailed was possible earlier this week. Now she just has to figure out how to see out of it.

Then she pieced together the rest of the armor, which she's broken down into nine distinct parts, by ordering from paintball and athletic gear companies. Next step, paint it all up and put it together.

And Now To Shop For That Master Chief "Halo" Halloween Costume... [MTV Multiplayer]


    Funny this came up, just yesterday I started making my own Spartan-II outfit for a dress up day.

    I just went the cardboard route. But hey with saved films, getting the patterns was easy! But hey this might still help. Good article.

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