Manhunt 2 Could Get Legal Release In UK As Download

manhunt2_loophole.jpgThe outright banning of Manhunt 2 in the UK by the British Board of Film Classification might not spell the end of Rockstar Games' chances to have the game released in the region. According to a report from The Register Hardware, a legal loophole in the UK's 1984 Video Recordings Act wouldn't rule out sales of a downloadable version of the game, should the developer or publisher pursue such a product. That means, in theory, a Wii Ware or PlayStation Store version of the game could make it playable on two of the intended platforms, with a PlayStation 2 release less technically feasible.

Furthermore, if Rockstar sought a PC port of Manhunt 2 as it did with the original, it could be sold via digital delivery systems.

Regardless of the loophole, publicized by Phill Carnell of legal firm CMS Cameron McKenna, it would appear that Rockstar is as willing to seek a downloadable route for the violent adventure game as the BBFC is to overlook its "unremitting bleakness and callousness of tone."

Legal loophole allows Manhunt 2 to be sold in UK [The Register via Next-Gen]


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