Manhunt 2 Producer Talks Multiplayer, AO Directors Cut

manhunt_2_ps2.jpgThis week's release of Manhunt 2 is sure to generate a great deal of noise. It will foster unintelligent debate between basic cable's talking heads, turn thousands of young boys and girls into degenerates and maybe, just maybe, be enjoyed by a handful of gamers. MTV's Stephen Totilo sat down with the game's producer, Jeronimo "Seriously" Barrera, to talk more about the splatterfest, leading to some interesting responses on a future multiplayer Manhunt and the possibility of an AO-rated version for the laissez-faire platform, the PC.

When asked about the Manhunt franchise evolving into something more than a single-player affair, Barrera said "That's a very interesting question. ... Who knows where the 'Manhunt' series is going to go?", adding that the potential "warrants some exploring on our part for sure." Yep, for sure.

But when probed for a possible "director's cut" release of Manhunt 2 in its original, un-mucked with form. the Rockstar Games producer sounding less promising, replying "we have no announcements to make." I'll just pretend he again said "Who knows where the 'Manhunt' series is going to go?" but certainly won't count on it.

'Manhunt 2' Developer Finally Talks About Game, Ratings Controversy — Much As It Pains Him [MTV News]


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