Manila Mayor Hates Games (Basketball and Hookers, Too)

limmorenoih9.jpg Retired cop and current Manila mayor Alfredo Lim is cracking down. On everything. Shortly after the incumbent took office the summer, he demanded that Internet cafes prohibit children from accessing games from 7am to 6pm in hopes of preventing children skipping school. Now, he's out to ban games he views as violent altogether. Says Lim:

I have asked the city council to study a possible ordinance to ban these violent computer games at Internet cafes and arcades in shopping malls.

His hardline has earned him comparisons to Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry. So far, Lim has destroyed cafes and night spots in Manila's tourist district as well as dismantled basketball courts, tightened up on prostitution and drugs, and imposed harsh punishments on petty crime. Next up, watch as he tries outlawing masturbation or something. Manila Mayor [ABS-CBN, Thanks Arbet!]


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