Mario & Sonic Sprint For Early Release Date

luigi_vs_tails.jpgWe posted earlier today of a handful of new events that had been added to Sega's Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games, but missed out on some North American specific details. Good news for those looking for an answer to the burning questions "Who's faster, Mario or Sonic?" and "Who's a better fencer, Luigi or Tails?" as Sega has bumped up the release date to November 6 for the American release. After being jostled around, from November 13 to November 20, it seems they've settled on the sixth, also noting the Wii game's new "gold" status.

If you missed out on my hands-on impressions while wearing a casual V-neck T-shirt, don't pass them up again. And turn up those speakers for maximum Princess Peach punishment!


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