Mark Rein - Bungie "Nailed" Halo

440103057_86bfcf970a.jpgIn case any fanboys needed his blessing, Epic's Mark Rein has spilled his guts on Halo and why he loves really really likes the franchise a lot.

I don't look at Halo and go, "That's the greatest graphics". I don't look at Halo and go, "Wow those are the coolest enemies ever". I look at Halo and go "They nailed it". This game is so fun to play, everything works just right.

And it's that execution, Rein argues, that made FPSs a success on consoles. He also added:

But it's no Too Human.

OK, maybe he didn't actually say that last part.

Rein lavishes praise on Halo 3 [play]


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