Marketplace Adds Blue Dragon DLC, Spider-Man 3 PS3 Exclusive Content

blue_dragon_team.jpgA smattering of new additions to the Xbox Live Marketplace breathes some new life into older Xbox 360 games Blue Dragon and Spider-Man 3. The latter is enhanced by the downloadable "New Goblin," formerly a PlayStation 3 exclusive feature but now available to whomever is willing to shell out 240 Microsoft Points. You'll still have to defeat him in-game to add him to the unlockable character list, but think of the bragging right(s)!

Also available is the "6 Treasures" pack for Mistwalker's Blue Dragon. For the low, low price of 200 Microsoft Points, you'll get a half-dozen new items that will boost your stats and give you access to new abilities. The specific details on each are after the jump.1) "Whimsical Mind" - growth item that enhances a few randomly-picked categories by 0-4 levels

2) "Way of Thieves" - in-battle item that can steal rare items possessed by enemy creatures

3) "Devee Phonograph" - allows you to listen to the "Devee-tribe dance"

4) "Nothing Glasses" - visualizes all "nothing" points by means of a star-looking symbol (oftentimes you'll find a lot of items that contain "nothing", followed by an English-speaking narrator saying "nothing").

5) "Shuffled Helmet" - item that adjusts magical and speed parameters (Magic +40 / Speed -40). Detrimental when used by itself because the speed parameter goes down by 50 points, but when equipped along with "Shuffled Breastplate" and "Shuffled Splint", this item can quadruplicate the Magic parameters and reverse the Speed parameters. So it becomes the strongest equipment in the game. (Magic +160 / Speed +40)

6) "Spring-wind Scarf" - adjusts characters' HP and Speed parameters by 20%

There's even more digital stuff for you to pretend to own. The DLC run down is over at Major Nelson's internet house.

Marketplace Roundup for October 26, 2007 [Major Nelson]


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