Mass Effect Confirmed For November 20, Still 360 Exclusive

MEbuggy.jpgEA's acquisition of BioWare and Pandemic has thrown a lot of questions into the air. The most pressing of which concern certain IPs. Like the Sonic RPG! What's going on there? Even more importantly, what's going on with Mass Effect? Well Microsoft have just announced that firstly, the move won't be affecting the game's 360 release. It's still good to go for November 20. Secondly, they re-affirm the game's 360 exclusivity. Of course, that's just this one, but still, they're clear. Mass Effect is a 360 exclusive.

Mass Effect Fully On Track for November 20 [Gamerscore]


    That's all well and good, but what about Planescape 2?

    Hopefully this is one of those 'exclusive for 6 months' dealios.

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