Mass Effect Gets Even Hotter, Just Ask Nihlus

massk.jpgThe Mass Effect promo patrol is in full force, and we're buying what they're selling. The latest update is a character profile of Nihlus Kryik complete with a small handful of beautiful screens. Usually, we can't stand these overly dramatic fanboy updates. But with Mass Effect, we can't see much of anything through all the floating hearts.

We'll start off by introducing you to Nihlus Kryik, one of the Citadel Council's most decorated Spectre agents. His skills are unquestioned, but his attitude is not. A confidant of Saren, the main villain in "Mass Effect," Nihlus has learned a trick or two from the master...he will not hesitate to efficiently and thoroughly eradicate anything or anyone that stands in his way, so watch out.

Yeah, I'd do him. Gallery after the jump.


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