Mass Effect LE Available Online Only Through EB/GameStop

masseffectle.jpgIf you were hoping to waltz into your local EB/GameStop on November 20 and pick up a Mass Effect Limited Edition, it looks like you're out of luck. According to the game retailer's website, the Limited edition will only be available as an online purchase. And I quote:

This is an ONLINE ONLY Limited Edition. This item WILL NOT be available in stores.

This seems like an odd move, but who am I to question the logic of the great EB Games? So as not to cause any confusion, EB Games isn't the only place you can get the Mass Effect Limited Edition, you just won't be able to get in their stores. Whether or not it will be available at other brick and mortar locales remains to be seen.

Mass Effect Limited Edition- ONLINE ONLY [EB Games] [Thanks, Doomstink]


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