Mass Effect Limited Edition Details Emerge

masseffect_lce.jpgAccording to a report from Team Xbox, BioWare has confirmed the details of the limited collector's edition of its Xbox 360 space epic Mass Effect. For an extra who knows how much, you can snag yourself the following, probably all snuggled up tightly in a fancy metal tin.

  • Fiction Book: Galactic Codex: Essentials
  • Mass Effect Art Book: A Future Imagined
  • 2nd DVD with exclusive videos about Mass Effect (Art of Mass Effect, Interactive Storytelling of Mass Effect)

Oddly enough, the official Mass Effect forums had the following response from Chris Priestly, Bioware's community coordinator: "Sorry, but we do not have any information about a Limited Collectors Edition (LCE) at this time." So... are we clear?

Mass Effect Limited Collector's Edition Content Revealed [Team Xbox]


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