MGame to CDC Games: This is All Your Fault!

NobVampF.jpg The MMORPGs may all be clones of each other, but at least pan-Asian game related legal battles are entertaining: MGame, a South Korean company, responded this week to the two lawsuits filed last week by CDC Games (as we mentioned last weekend), which cited breached contracts and lack of technical support (among other things) as a basis for their suits. This legal battle is quickly devolving into a 'they said, they said' battle. MGame alleges that they dropped CDC Games for non-payment of licence fees for the wildly popular MMO Yulgang; CDC hasn't responded to these allegations, and it looks like there might be even more heated battles soon:

In a lawsuit filed by CDC Games last week, the company claims MGame has not been providing adequate technical support for "Yulgang" and that it has not been supporting CDC in its efforts to combat piracy.

In response, MGame said it has "hired and dispatched key personnel to sincerely provide support to address those issues."

MGame Chief Executive Yi Hyoung Kwon said in a statement the company "will provide constant and stable services for 'Yulgang' in China with a new partner sometime soon,"

I love reading this stuff - it's like a soap opera, but way better and with a lot more money at stake. You can't make this stuff up. I can't wait to see what happens if MGame and CDC don't manage to iron this out, and MGame goes shopping for a new Chinese operator.

MGame Responds to CDC Lawsuits [Forbes]


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