MGS4 Bundle Coming to Europe? And Before Easter?

MGS4PS3.jpgAccording to an interview with, Europe Sony VP James Armstrong made a major announcement over a possible Sony/Konami bundle that just might have something to do with the most anticipated PS3 game in the short history of the platform. Here's the quote from the Spanish site, autotranslated roughly:

I am going to advance something to you; yes, we are working in pack of PlayStation 3 that includes Metal Gear 4 Solid and the new DualShock. We want that it is in the street before Easter and that is our fight at the moment.

An MGS4 bundle sounds like an absolutely wonderful and completely obvious way to sell some PS3s. But isn't it an odd circumstance when we've heard so many differing viewpoints from so many differing Sony execs for so long that we don't believe it until the information is on press release?

James Armstrong, consolidating PS3 [via PSXextreme]


    This would be the best move by sony in a long time.

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