MGS4 Playable At E For All

mgs4handson.jpgWell E for All just got a nice little surge in attendance. In the latest podcast over at the Kojima Productions website, Ryan Payton revealed that the English version of the TGS demo for Metal Gear Solid 4 will be playable this weekend at the consumer gaming event. The Konami booth will have 12 kiosks running the demo, which has been slightly tweaked from the TGS build based on input received by visitors to the Japanese trade show. Also on hand will be Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus running on two lonely kiosks somewhere amidst the sea of hopeful MGS4 fans. Great news for fans and the E for All show as a whole, but I'm still not going. I'd sooner swim shark-infested, chum-filled waters than navigate a show floor filled with MGS fans and a playable MGS4 demo.

The KP Report Session 061 [Kojima Productions - Thanks David!]


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