Microsoft Blames Hollywood Back

Ben-Stiller-Photograph-C12147233.jpegAfter Hollywood cried that Halo 3 ruined their box office and brought estimated revenue drops of 27%, Microsoft didn't apologise. No, not according to parody site BBspot. Instead they did an unapologetic victory lap over Hollywood's corpse. This, "from Microsoft":

We thought we'd get some good sales, but nothing like this...with escalating ticket prices and the crappy movies Hollywood has been putting out, people are just hungry for entertainment...Gee thanks, Ben Stiller, with all this business our guys haven't gotten much rest.

I guess that pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin of the Microsoft Game Studios Zoolander title. Seriously though, Microsoft should so actually say this.

Microsoft Blames Hollywood for Record Halo 3 Sales [via digitalbattle]


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