Microsoft Confirms My Fear of Cannibalistic Pinatas

-1.gifI always love it when a game company can show a bit of a sense of humor about their own product. Kotakuite Zach sent in this screen grab from the most recent Xbox Flash email. A small poll asked players which survival horror they would be afraid of facing in real life. Slipped in between Dead Rising's zombies, and BioShock's Little Sisters were the colorful denizens of that most horrific of all games, Viva Pinata. If I had to pick off that list, I would definitely choose to fight a zombie horde or a slew of monsters before I would want to face even one of those horrifyingly cute, cannibalistic beasts. Something about paper animals that eat the candy innards of their fallen comrades is deeply disturbing. Like all those clowns coming out of that tiny car... absolutely terrifying.


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