Microsoft Considering A Virtual World, Too

misterchief_001-12.jpgAt the recent virtual worlds conference, Microsoft general manager of entertainment devices Daniel Schiappa was on hand, and not all the quiet about why he was there.

By next year, you'll probably know more about why I'm up here.

OK, so he wasn't completely forthright about why he was there, but we get the point (mainly because he explained later). Microsoft is looking into deploying a virtual world like Second Life or PSHome to span the PC, Xbox 360 and possibly other entertainment devices (like the Zune?). And if such a world could seamlessly piggyback on Xbox Live... things could get interesting. But is it too little too late from Microsoft? Schiappa tells us more:

[Timing is]definitely a concern...But I think we've got a good understanding now of the landscape, we have a strategic plan in mind ... if a year from now we don't have anything, then we probably won't have anything.

If anything, this move acknowledges that Microsoft has noticed the buzz around Home. And the timing, even if late, certainly allows Microsoft to watch Sony sink or swim before jumping in that pool. Because someone may have peed in it.

Is Microsoft headed toward a virtual world? [via maxconsole]


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