Newsweek Explores Microsoft's Studio Break Ups

anthrax_killer_Bs.jpgWhile at Nintendo's recent media event, MTV's Stephen Totilo approached me with an excited "Didja hear?" No, nobody tells me anything. "EA acquired Bioware-Pandemic," he said. Another developer added to the collective consciousness of the Electronic Arts mothersphere, another developer handling a high profile Microsoft Game Studios franchise departing for greener pastures. Following similar news that Bungie and Bizarre Creations were, respectively, separated and purchased outright by Activision, one has to wonder what's going on at Microsoft. And when exactly can we expect Mass Effect II for the PLAYSTATION 3?

Fortunately, the Wu-Tang Clan to my Anthrax, N'Gai Croal, doesn't specialize in wholly inappropriate and meaningless analogy as I do, he focuses on the impact of these three "killer B's" leaving the fold in various capacities. More importantly, he wonders what these departures will have on the Xbox 360 library over the following years.

Probably most important for Microsoft following a strong holiday 2007 line up—where do they go from here? With talent shifting allegiances and IP ownership unknown, to which franchise dock will Shane Kim and crew tie the good ship 360? Read on for N'Gai's thoughts on the matter.

Flight of the Killer B's: As Bizarre, Bungie and BioWare Flee the Redmond Hive, What Does This Mean For Microsoft Game Studios? [Level Up]


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