Microsoft's Games Division Doesn't Lose Money Again

ballmer_zero.jpgWhat a difference $US 330 million in sales of Halo 3 can make. The regularly unprofitable Entertainment and Devices Division, in which the Xbox business resides over at old Microsoft, came up for air this past quarter, posting $US 165 million in income for the Redmond behemoth, celebrating the second profitable quarter for the games division since its inception. Microsoft points to strong sales of Halo 3, the Xbox 360 and video game accessories as revenue drivers, helping the entire E&D Division pull in some $US 1.93 billion for the second quarter.

According the quarterly earnings release, Microsoft shipped 1.8 million Xbox 360s to market, twice that of the previous quarter. The company expects that for the second half of the fiscal year, revenue for the fun side of Microsoft will improve based on "increased sales of Xbox 360 consoles and related games, accessories, and services, and sales of Zune products." Go Zune!

For those keeping score, Sony lost a bunch of money, Nintendo made a fuck-ton of money and Microsoft performed solidly, if not spectacularly. See you next quarter!


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