Midway Explains Unreal Engine 3 Powered PS3 Delays

unreal_engine_wireframe.jpgThe prez and CEO of Chicago-based publisher Midway explained in a conference call today exactly what was behind the delay behind two of its marquee holiday titles bound for the PlayStation 3. Both Stranglehold and BlackSite: Area 51 will ship later than their Xbox 360 counterparts in North America and Europe respectively, largely due to "bumps" the development teams have experienced along the way. Both are cross-platform games built on Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3.

Citing technical issues that have "taken more time to finalise than expected", David Zucker says that the delays for each will materially affect Midway's 2007 revenue. On the plus side, Zucker says those technical issues are now "complete at a core level in our engine" and that "now that we have the systems working, looking ahead to 2008 we expect the PS3 versions of our titles to ship day and date with other versions".


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