Mike Fegan On Red Mile Acquisition, Rebate

IR_Gurus.gifPALGN has a tight interview up with Mike Fegan, CEO of IR Gurus. The developer was recently acquired by US publisher Red Mile Entertainment. Along with his thoughts on this recent event, Fegan talks about the Oz government's dismissal of the 40% rebate for game developers (a topic also broached by GDAA president Tom Crago when he spoke with Sumea a few days ago).

I am 110% in support of the GDAA on this matter as I know from spending literally years of my life knocking on the doors of overseas game publishers that at the end of the day ALL international publisher’s are ‘risk adverse’ and if you can in anyway help them to alleviate their perceived risk in a project they will look upon your deal proposal favourably.

Mike Fegan Interview [PALGN, via Sumea]


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