Minter Working On Gridrunner++ For XBLA

gridrunner_plusplus.jpgFan of all things hairy, bearded and woolen, Jeff Minter, dropped word on his LiveJournal today on the follow up to the loved/hated Space Giraffe for Xbox Live Arcade. Llamasoft's Gridrunner++ is currently in the redesign process for XBLA which will undergo a 3D transformation and will be "a much more involved game than the PC-only predecessor".

For those unfamiliar with Gridrunner++, demos for the PC and Mac are currently available at Llamasoft. For those who can't be bothered with the half-dozen clicks required to run it, the game is a "twitch gaming shoot 'em up" featuring "glorious, retina scorching, psychedelic themed parallax scrolling levels." It sounds like Robotron. It's fun. Go play it.

iPod touchness [Jeff Minter's LiveJournal]


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