Mistwalker Putting On A Show In Japan

msconcert.jpgI mean that literally. They're putting on a show! With a band and live music and everything! To celebrate the fact they're making decent RPGs to zero sales, Microsoft Japan have decided that a live concert is in order, and will be holding a concert called "Orchestral Pieces" at Tokyo's Orchard Hall on November 19. The Japan Philharmonic are on music duties, both composer Nobuo Uematsu and The Gooch will be in attendance and tickets will set you back ¥5250. Don't go expecting any Final Fantasy tunes, though, this ones all Mistwalker, so its naught but Lost Odyssey and... Blue Dragon. I'm just going to presume Ian Gillan won't be there. Though it would be fantastic if he was. Microsoft Presents "Orchestral Pieces" [Official Site, via Game|Life]


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