Mobile's Lara Croft?

phoenixshadow.jpg"Gentlemen, may I introduce you to Phoenix Shadowalker", begins the press release from Glu Mobile, announcing it's new mobile game available later this month, Shadowalker, or Shadowwalker going by the press release heading. Mistaking us for gentlemen was your first mistake. Assuming that some sultry model in a leather jacket and a mini-skirt holding a sword was going to ruin our on-again, off-again romance with Lara Croft was the second. We are gamers, Glu Mobile, and we have hot women with swords falling all over us all the time. We can't walk down the street without a walking hottie arsenal falling in step behind us. It's just how we roll. We've come to terms. Besides, mobile gaming already has a Lara Croft. Her name is Lara Croft. May we introduce you?

Shadowwalker Struts Her Stuff

Gentlemen, may I introduce you to Phoenix Shadowalker - the new videogame heroine ready to out-sauce Lara Croft as the number one pixellated female icon.

As the eponymous star of the new mobile phone title released this month, hack and slash your way through over 20 levels of classic platform gameplay, in a spooky shadowy world in need of rescuing from hordes of invading ghouls.

Developed and published by Glu, a leading publisher of mobile games, Shadowalker will be available across all games-enabled mobile phones. It boasts graphics and gameplay that matches the best handheld videogames, offering a rich game experience for experienced and casual gamers alike.


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