More on the New Danish 'Gaming School'

kespacopenhagen.jpg As mentioned last week, Copenhagen eSports is opening a school for gamers. ZoneRank went to the horse's mouth (in this case, Rasmus Pedersen, head of the project) and got some more information on the particulars - and it sounds like they have some lofty goals, to say the least:

In the short term we will invest a lot of effort in the training courses that we will offer gamers. This is a new thing, we're offering, and we also have some things to learn here. Also, it's very important for us to get the entire infrastructure involved in our online activities to run really well right from the start.

In the intermediate term we will be adding content as well as new courses to GaminGSchool and in that way open it to more people. We will arrange some great tournaments, and help develop a proper fan culture to give the gamers a real sense of being a part of something great.

In the long term ... well. We might organise a national gaming league and even a world championship.

Perhaps even loftier aspirations than the usual 'teach using games!', which is what I thought of initially. It's an interesting interview - concepts like this usually get at least an eyebrow raise out of me, but it's making a little more sense in context.

The Gaming School - Rasmus Pedersen [ZoneRank]


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