Microsoft Gets 360 Arcade Into the "Proper" Hands

skidrow.jpg It sounds like, if you read between the lines of the attached press release, that Microsoft might finally be officially rolling out the Xbox 360 Arcade edition next Tuesday... or maybe not.

The press release, found on the Hispanic PR Wire, is really more about the importance of giving Xbox 360s to your family, regardless of your background. That's right, even poor people can play games. Thanks for clarifying Microsoft.

To be fair Microsoft is donating two of the 360 Arcade consoles to each Para Los Ninos centre on Skid Row in LA and throughout Southern California. I hear the Elites are all going to those Beverly Hills' children centers.

WHAT: The biggest day in family entertainment this year is taking place on October 23. The new family-friendly Xbox 360 Arcade is being launched just in time for the holidays and features a price that is more affordable for parents. The new console comes with five new video games, a wireless controller, parental controls and more memory.

The selection of family-oriented programming for Xbox 360 is also being expanded with the release of a library of more than 200 games and 700 television episodes in English and Spanish from Nickelodeon and Warner Bros., ranging from "Dora the Explorer" to classic "Looney Tunes" and "SpongeBob SquarePants".

In addition, to encourage parent-child relations in households of all kinds, Xbox is making a major donation to low-income families.

WHY: Microsoft believes every family, regardless of background, is deserving of the best in family games and entertainment. For this reason, on October 23, Microsoft is partnering with Para Los Niños, a nonprofit organization serving diverse children, youth and families of very low incomes.

Each of Para Los Niños' centres on Skid Row in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California will be equipped with two Xbox 360 Arcade consoles, given access to a full library of educational programs and entertainment games in English and Spanish, and provided with technical support by Microsoft.

WHERE: Para Los Niños Youth Center 846 E. 6th St. (at corner of Ceres St.) Los Angeles, CA 90017

WHEN: Tuesday, October 23 - 3:30 p.m.

WHO: Gisselle Acevedo, President & CEO, Para Los Niños Juan Posada, Director of Global Marketing, Xbox


— Unveiling of the new family-friendly Xbox 360 Arcade — Live demonstrations involving Spanish-speaking children, teens and parents — One-on-one interviews for media in English and Spanish


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