MTV FINALLY Makes Their Halo Helmet


I know I promised, super-duper promised, pinky-swore in fact, that I wouldn't post another Halo Helmet story... but I am, apparently, a big, fat liar.

I had to, just had to post this because MTV was calling us names, and I can't let that go by without pointing my finger and mocking them. While I know Totilo's post about how we "stole" their Halo helmet idea is a joke, I feel it necessary to point out that we actually were working on the idea first. And besides, it's not my fault you couldn't get your intern on the ball to make the helmet already!

To be fair, Totilo forced his poor intern to not only create a helmet with Krazy glue, assuring that she will spend Halloween in a glue-huffing haze, but he also made her document the 27-step process using a camera that actually focuses on things.

Oh and she removed the gold visor, something that obviously she realised she had to do by totally watching our tutorial.

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