NBA's Arenas a Big, Fat Halo Cheater

gilberttalks.jpgIt's one thing to cheat at blogging, but quite another to cheat at Halo 3.

While we're not certain Gilbert Arenas is cheating to up his in-game stats, it certainly looks that way and a whole bunch of Bungie forum-goers agree.

Look at all his games that he gets 1st place in. He joins up with a friend and has his other account quit out so he gets 1st place every time. How can this be allowed?

Checking out his stat page you can see that he does play an awful lot of Social Doubles and always ends in first place. Oh and that the lifespan of many of his "matches" is under five seconds.


Hey Arenas, I hate to break it to you, but matching and dumping just pumps up your experience, it doesn't do a thing for your Rank. To boost that you're going to have to actually play a game. Hit me up at Gamertag Crecente anytime so I can show you what a teabag is.

NBA player Gilbert Arenas cheating at Halo 3 [Bungie Halo 3 Forums] Update: The Washington Post got Arenas to fess up.

It's a glitch," he explained. "It's a glitch in the game. I seen some kids that were like 600s, they won 600 Halo games and we only had that game for two weeks. And all the kids go to school. So I'm like, 'What the hell you all doing?' And they said that's what they doing, two-on-two."

And Bungie has released this official statement to Kotaku:

"As Gilbert Arenas himself admitted, his EXP is suspect. What isn't suspect, however, is his skill level, a far better gauge of a player's ability than the grinding of EXP. He is a level 42, which is pretty exceptional, especially considering all of the time he's likely putting into grinding."

Skill level? One word Arenas: Teabag.


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