NCSoft Signs In-Game Advertising

dr_header.jpgNCSoft has just signed a deal with in-game advertising firm Double Fusion regarding its free games Exteel and Dungeon Runners. So, yes, ads are coming. While my heart realises that in-game ads are the devil, my head knows that companies might as well be paying to accurately depict a virtual Times Square or baseball stadium. But in a fantasy MMO like Dungeon Runners—mind you I've never played it and avoid all MMOs like a fat guy in a sleeveless tee on a mid summer day—Pepsi billboards won't assimilate quite so cleanly. Since some of the advertising is said to be "around game," hopefully players won't need to battle hordes of goblins hopped up on Vault and Pixie Stix.

NCsoft Vouches for In-Game Ads [Next Gen]


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