New DS Colors, Bundles Coming This Holiday

holiday_ds_bundles.jpgTwo Nintendo DS colours will be coming to North America later this year according to information creeping out of retailers gearing up for the post-Thanksgiving holiday spend frenzy. The two will be bundled with copies of the system's best-selling games, with a rose DS paired with Nintendogs and the gold DS packed with a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Each features a decoration on the outside of the top half, the former a paw print, the latter a Triforce.

Based on information from, both Sears and FYE are listing the bundles, but show different prices. Sears is listing both at $US 149.99, with FYE listing the Zelda bundle at $US 129.99.

Ad scan via GoNintendo. Thanks to BPMΩ and Andrew for the tips.


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