New Fatal Frame Headed For The Wii

owmyface-ffsuda51.jpg What with TGS and a week in Tokyo, this one seemed to slip by me, but hearing it now is very exciting. According to 1Up, Tecmo has hired Grasshopper Manufacture to work on the next Fatal Frame game which will apparently be made for the Wii. Once Grasshopper is done with No More Heroes, they will start full steam on the as yet untitled Fatal Frame.

I am a huge fan of this series, especially Crimson Butterfly and the prospect of having it on the Wii is intriguing. Seeing how much I enjoyed the point and shoot aspects of Wii remote with RE4, controlling a camera with it seems like a perfect fit. And with Grasshopper Manufacture on board, it's bound to be a title worth checking out.

Tecmo Planning Next Fatal Frame for Wii [1Up] [Graphic courtesy Asterick]


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