New Forza 2 Track Hits 360s, Wallets On Friday

forza2track.jpgTurn 10 have just announced that some Forza 2 DLC will be hitting on Friday (October 26). Included will be four "variations" of Japan's Twin Ring Motegi course, which in English means four different ways of racing around the same track. How much will said track cost you? Oh, around 600 Microsoft points ($US 7.50). Oh my. As much as that price-point screams compelling, we're going to have to pass.

Turn 10 on Forza 2's new DLC track [GameSpot]


    600 Ms points for one track wow what a rip off

    That's...all? For 600 MS points? What a disappointment.

    Microsoft really need to review their current pricing scheme. 600 points for a single track is just criminal, much like the 200 point paintjobs in Ace Combat 6.

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