New, Great, Expensive Logitech Wheel For GT5

New, Great, Expensive Logitech Wheel For GT5

gt25.jpgDidn’t like GT3 as much as I thought I would. Or GT4, for that matter. Little dry. But boy, that Logitech wheel that came with them, that thing was great. Best wheel ever. Course it also cost a packet, but hey, authenticity comes with a price. Which brings us to this. Logitech’s GT25, which has everything the discerning PS3 racing fan needs: 900-degree rotation, force feedback, a six-speed manual gearstick and even a clutch pedal. That looks like leather, or at least top-shelf imitation leather, on the wheel, too. How much will all this cost? Western price is still unknown, but Japanese PS3 owners can get one for Â¥37800. Which is, oh, $US 330. That’s pocket change, race fans. Pocket change.
GT25 Racing Wheel to Launch with Prologue [IGN]


  • I believe that’s a typo 😮
    Considering the article mentions GT25 only in the header and G25 everywhere else.
    Anyway, I’ve had mine for some months now and it works with PC, PS2 & 3 since it’s USB afterall 😉
    For the driving satisfaction it has brought me the cost was indeed pocket change 🙂


    (P.S. Cost me $AUS 429 in January this year – mmm, pocket change)

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