New Lego Universe Artwork Hits


I just received my second email from the Lego Universe team today, this one revealing so more concept sketches from the Net Devil folks working to bring the world of bricks to the world of clicks.

The two new concept images show a taste of the game's interesting, perhaps European architecture, as well as some of the minifigs, some destruction and an kinda cool looking airship.

Hit the jump for the images and newsletter.lu1.JPG

Planet earth shudders and quakes ...... quivers and shakes. There's a new universe coming to life!

Last month the LEGO® Universe team called for help creating a game logo and a cool newsletter name. Thanks for all the dynamite ideas and designs. Keep your eyes peeled next month ... you could see your creation used for the good of the Universe!

Exclusives in Every Edition Newsletter names like "LEGO Insiders" by Aragorn3737 make it seem like people are pining for peeks into the Universe. Well, ahem, here's a link to a secret spot where you can see concept sketches by LEGO Universe artists! You can always share this shrouded information with your best buddies, but it's the people signed up at who get the goods first! You'll nab more scoops in next month's newsletter!

Form the Future! Nocturnsly needed to know what your minifigs will look like, so he asked on the message boards. Now you can show us the characters you'll create! Post a picture of your little LEGO person here, and you may see them again soon in a surprise setting! Just like the online game it's about, this newsletter will be shaped by fan feedback. Go to the message boards to guide us toward the topics you want to see covered in the future. We'll try to tackle them!

Until next month, play well! -The LEGO Universe Team



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