New Project Offset Screenshots

offset.jpgIf you haven't been following Offset Software's "Project Offset", now is a good time to start. The developer has released some new screenshots for its team-based fantasy FPS/RPG, and the game is looking as stunning as ever. Hit the jump for the rest of the shots

As an aside, Offset's technical art director, Rod Green, hails from Australia. Doing excellent work there, Rod!

Project Offset [Official Site] offset1.jpg offset2.jpg offset3.jpg offset4.jpg


    This is coming for 360 aswell as PC, am I right? I'm glad to hear its still in development, and looking beautiful.

    Yep Andrew, 360 as well.

    The footage looks amazing.

    I've been following this for over a year now, I pray to gaming valhalla that this one see's the light of day.

    I remember watching a tech demo what seems like years ago. Good to see it's still in the pipeline.

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