New Sony Chip Deal Means... Something

SCEfront.jpgBloomberg are reporting that Sony will now be designing DRAM chips in conjunction with another company, Infineon Technologies AG, in order to cut R&D costs at the company. Why are they trying to cut costs? Because that part of Sony, the semiconductor unit, lost $US 86 million last year. Mostly off the back of costly PS3 development. While the announcement is expected to benefit many areas of the company (phones, cameras, etc), it will also affect PS3 production. So what does this mean to you, consumer? Probably not much. Not like this is going to instantly translate into a $US 100 saving to you at the cash register. But the more Sony can shave off production costs with moves like this, the closer the PS3 becomes to being... well, remotely affordable. Sony to Develop Chips With Infineon to Cut Costs [Bloomberg]


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