New Warhawk Version Coming to Blu-ray


N'gai Croal reports that Sony will start selling a $40 version of Warhawk in stories later this month. The $40 version, matching the price of the download-only version available on the Playstation Network, won't come with the Jabra Bluetooth packed in that comes with the $US 60 version of the game.

The $US 40 version will go on sale starting Oct. 10, according to GamStop, but Sony reps were only able to confirm the price and not the date to Croal. This could be a new pricing strategy for Sony, though I think it would make more sense in the future to release both a bundle and a non-bundle at stores on the same day rather than waiting to start selling the game-only version at stores.

EXCLUSIVE: $39.99 Version of the PS3 Game Warhawk, Minus Bluetooth Headset, To Hit Retail Stores Later This Month [Level Up]


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