New Wii Remote Jackets Cost Nintendo $17 Million

cushiony_shield_cost.jpgThe silicon Wii Remote Jacket, the cushiony shield designed to prevent further Wii Sports fatalities and shattered home electronics announced last night, isn't going to come cheap (for Nintendo). According to Asahi Shimbun, by way of Game|Life, Nintendo is footing a $US 17 million bill (2 billion yen) for the 20 million jackets its releasing.

Considering that Nintendo has a pair of platforms that print money, we don't think this is going to affect them financially in any way. Also, taking into account that Nintendo says the program "Isn't going to affect us financially in any way" we think Iwata and crew are gonna be OK.

Must be nice. I just spent $US 230 on a new jacket last week and it nearly broke me.

Nintendo To Spend Over $17 Million On Wii Jackets [Game|Life]


    this is good from Nintendo, they really didn't need too.

    I ordered four, plus four wrist straps. Us Australians don't get a handy web-form to fill out, you have to call customer service and ask personally. Be sure to have your Wii serial no. handy, and order as many as you like (up to four of course.)

    This thing is crazy ugly.

    I won't bother trying to get some myself, just like I didn't bother with the updated straps.

    I just recently took the strap off my wii-remote because it just got in the way when playing paper mario

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