Next Harvest Moon Takes Repetition Online

HMwada.jpgI like Harvest Moon as a concept. A game that features child-making and cow-cuddling should be a winner. But in's all a bit dry. And boring. And repetitive! Oh, the repetition. Anyways, maybe that'll all change, or at least be alleviated somewhat, by the news the next Harvest Moon will feature online play. Series creator Yasuhiro Wada, speaking with Game Informer:

Of course I am now making an online Harvest Moon. I cannot tell you which platform.

What he can tell us is that it won't be an MMO style of online, more a feature where 2-8 people can visit your town, hang out, help with the mundane chores around the farm, maybe even try and sleep with your missus. Harvest Moon Creator Reveals Next Project To Take Series Online [Game Informer]


    wii with friend code ;(
    DS with friend code :(

    Maybe PS3 or crazy thinking 360 ?

    If Natsume ever made a HM game for the Xbox, I may end up killing myself right there.

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