Next-Gen Gaming Is "A Spinal Tap Thing"

spinaltap.jpgFree Radical's David Doak knows his games! Goldeneye, TimeSplitters, he's had his fair share of hits. So what does he think of the current-gen fixation with whizzes, bangs, smoke and mirrors? And our insatiable appetite for them? He's not a fan:

If you look what people do [with next-gen games] , it's a Spinal Tap thing. It's all turned up to 11... A typical next-gen look has often got all the next-gen stuff like specular highlights and normal mapping turned up to the max... But if it's not turned up to 11, people think it's not next-gen enough.

Considering the shit-storm over 80 pixels of vertical resolution, man may have a point! But really, who cares, all this does is show we really need to start quizzing Spinal Tap on the state of gaming. Legendary developer explains his opinion of hi-tech gaming [Games Radar]


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