Nintendo Australia And You (Or Wii)

There’s a bit of controversy involving Nintendo Australia at the moment, and those of you who own Wiis and love your first-party titles will have a fairly good idea what it’s about (and that the issue is far from new). I’m desperately seeking an honest comment from the company now, before I go bats**t crazy and start shooting up the joint… so to speak.

I was going to post the details today, but I’ve decided it’s best to give them until Monday to rally the troops. Watch this space.

UPDATE: For those of you who aren’t aware of the specifics of the delay issue, here are links to, who broke the news, and Aaron Davies extensive report on the subject. Good work guys.

Report into excessive Wii software delays in Australia / New Zealand []
Nintendo Australia responds to Wii game delays []

As mentioned, I’ll be posting again on Monday, hopefully with a response from Nintendo Australia.


  • I’m gonna go with either… release dates being late or prices still being at SRP$99.95 even though the dollar is doing well.

  • I’d have to assume Logan is talking about the typical delays to games or not get them at all goings on that really bakes my noodle.

    Looking forward to this. Anything that puts a firecracker under NOAU has to be a good thing in my book.

  • I just think it’s sad that it’s been going on for so long…. I mean, the Europeans are worse off than us I think considering we occasionally get something before the rest of the World (I seem to recall us getting the DS Lite before everyone else?).
    There better be a freakin’ good reason, or like you said, heads will roll (of sorts)….

    : )

  • I’m Aussie and my Wii is (still) sitting unused since I finished Zelda:TP – A Long Time for a brand new console to be sitting without any good first party titles

  • @Duskbringer: Bhopti’s actually doing good work over at Sega now.

    As I said, everyone’s got a good idea what’s going on. I just wanted to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt.

  • My Wii has been gathering dust, mostly. I used it to check the weather, for old times sake, the other day though. Yep. I think it’ll be about the really unfair release dates.

  • I’m from and I didn’t know we are at war with Nintendo Australia, WOW news to me…..

  • Thankfully chipping is legal here and I’ve already enjoy Paper Mario, Metroid and will be enjoying Galaxy and Brawl before the end of the year.

    Screw you Nintendo.

  • It’s weird though cause in person, Nintendo Australia are actually really friendly and willing to help out, I drove down there the other day and got my Wii replaced in twenty minutes after I explained had problems with overheating and artifacts. I suppose for once, customer service guys aren’t the jaded ones.

  • @ PIGDEN

    Yeah, I know what you mean. The same experience for me recently; the service guys were brilliant to deal with.

  • I stopped playing my Wii after Resident Wiivil mainly because of this. Nintendo will have to do more than free grips to make me want to play it more, perhaps making their site decent, their ‘connection’ tours in places where I can GET to without having to drive for 6 hours altogether (I live in the ACT) and of course get those games out when they should. Nintendo has shown that they can do it and better with the DS Lite, Mario Kart etc…

  • You can’t really complain to or blame a company that’s doing what it’s told to do.

    It’s wishful thinking that Nintendo AU would step-up and have more power, but to be honest, we’re a niche market and just not worth it.

    That, or I have another theory: Other regions are pissed off that we get Christmas before them.

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