Nintendo Australia And You (Or Wii)

There’s a bit of controversy involving Nintendo Australia at the moment, and those of you who own Wiis and love your first-party titles will have a fairly good idea what it’s about (and that the issue is far from new). I’m desperately seeking an honest comment from the company now, before I go bats**t crazy and start shooting up the joint… so to speak.

I was going to post the details today, but I’ve decided it’s best to give them until Monday to rally the troops. Watch this space.

UPDATE: For those of you who aren’t aware of the specifics of the delay issue, here are links to, who broke the news, and Aaron Davies extensive report on the subject. Good work guys.

Report into excessive Wii software delays in Australia / New Zealand []
Nintendo Australia responds to Wii game delays []

As mentioned, I’ll be posting again on Monday, hopefully with a response from Nintendo Australia.


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