Nintendo Australia Responds To Wii Delays

Nintendo Australia Responds To Wii Delays

After reading Aaron Davies in-depth report regarding the huge delays between first party NTSC and PAL releases for the Wii, and the subsequent write-ups by and Vooks, it seemed only fair that I should drop Nintendo a line to see if I could get to the bottom of it myself.

I’ll be honest – after seeing the apparently lacklustre response Aaron received to his report, I wasn’t expecting much. However, Heather over Nintendo Australia did get back to me today.

Find out what she said after the jump.

We apologise for the inconvenience that Nintendo fans are experiencing compared with people outside of their region.

Localisation and PAL conversion processes often make these delays unavoidable. Although in some instances PAL versions have made it to the markets faster than the versions of other regions – for example Mario Strikers Charged Football and Battalion Wars. We are currently making efforts to minimise the time needed for localisations, as we understand that the difference in worldwide release dates is frustrating to fans.

It’s probably not the answer many were looking for, but it’s good to know that Nintendo Australia is aware of the problem and working on a solution. Heather was unable to provide a timeframe as to when the issue would be resolved, but you can be sure the second it is, we’ll let you know.

I believe Heather also felt her original comments were not represented verbatim in earlier reports, but I can’t really comment on this.

As an aside, the vibe I got from my conversation today is that the issue could well be out Nintendo Australia’s hands. Perhaps they’re pushing hard for a change, maybe not, but if the decision isn’t their’s to make, then it isn’t their’s to make.

Again, not ideal by any means and no reason to take the pressure off, but we have an official explanation now.

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  • Way better then a “No comment”, Good Work Logan!

    Doesn’t solve the problem… but it might in the future.

  • “As an aside, the vibe I got from my conversation today is that the issue could well be out Nintendo Australia’s hands. Perhaps they’re pushing hard for a change, maybe not, but if the decision isn’t their’s to make, then it isn’t their’s to make.”

    Damn straight. People complaining about Nintendo Australia are missing the point – they usually do the best they can with what little resources they’re given. Aussie delays are simply symptomatic of a larger issue: the neglect of the PAL market by Nintendo in Japan.

  • As i have said for sometime now that Nintendo Australia is run by NCL Japan, always has been and always will be….

  • Well then if that is the case time to take our bickering to the next level, the only problem is the only other part of the world that cares is Europe because they are in the same boat as us.

  • at least thats a bit more than a no comment. Hopefully sites like Aussie Nintendo, Vooks and now Kotaku AU can drum up enough support Nintendo Japan will take some notice

  • Hey, NAL finally made a response. Id say thats a step in the right direction.

    Aussie: We all know who runs Nintendo Australia. But that knowledge doesnt alleviate the problem in the slightest.

    NAL are in a better position than us to change the situation and the pressure and complaints are rightly placed on NAL. In addition though, NOJ have to be brought in on the issue some how.

  • Looks like i have no choice but to install that modchip to remove the region locking? If so it’s your own fault Nintendo.

  • Seems like there’s a few issues at work here. As to the delays, a good old fashioned letter writing campaign might not go astray. The ACCC already gave their opinion on region locks, but another matter to consider is the ridiculous price gouging going on with both hardware and software. Has the ACCC looked at this, or have they rolled over like they did with the recording industry?

  • So why is it so hard for Nintendo to do localisation and PAL conversion when Microsoft & Sony don’t seem to have this problem?

    I think Luke’s right – they just care a lot less about territories outside of Japan & the US than the other companies do.

  • I’ve spoken with some NAL people at events and you can be sure they seemed sheepish when the issue came up. Like they themselves were embarrassed about it. Obviously they put on their Big Brave Corporate Face(tm) and said “well, you got the DS and New Super Mario Bros. first…” but you could tell they didn’t like it either.

    It really is out of their hands. NAL are just a warehouse and some barebones tech support for the region. That’s it. They get a marketing budget that can be measured in coupon booklets left over from NOJ’s junk mail.

    As to the legality of the situation, that has already been made clear. Modchips are LEGAL here in Australia (I have one in my Wii) because the regional lockout systems Nintendo has implemented are ILLEGAL, and the consumer deserves (at least in the eyes of the ACCC) a fighting chance.

    In the end, getting pissed at NAL achieves nothing, but getting pissed at NOJ will achieve even less. They’re rolling in cash from people who don’t even know what a regional code is, why would they care about a dwindling audience already tired of their shit, regardless of the support they’ve shown them when they lived off nothing but Pokemon and Mario Party?

    And that’s how I became a grinch.

  • It’s a little disappointing what the results of their “localisation” are. There’s clearly a lot of translation that needs to be done between English and…English. But then we’re stuck with American spellings of words anyway, like “mom” or even “localization”.

    Sarcasm aside I think most people who’ve already commented have summed up the real issue nicely.

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